Sitemap - 2021 - Social Signals by GREG SWAN

Holiday Homework: 5 easy assignments to get a leg-up on 2022

What should we think about the fact Oculus sold more headsets than Microsoft sold Xboxes this year?

Déjà Zoom! You're taller in person

Why do we tune out when people talk about Web3, blockchain, crypto, and NFTs?

Whamageddon starts Dec 1! 🎄

Bathroom shrines and spatial commerce

5 things you may have missed about Facebook’s name change to Meta

Leaders, talk to your people

Make it a bones day ☠️

Whatever Changes You Plan to Make in 2022, Start Them Today

Tracking the signals of cruel-posting and what it could mean for 2022

It's my birthday, and that means only one thing 🎡

Pay closer attention to Squid Game and how it's being co-opted in social, the metaverse, and more

Social Signals, #200

Unlock the secret Papyrus Instagram font and impress your friends

Is Playbyte the Future of Mobile Games?

Immersive Van Gogh is art, and you can post that

You’ve heard of Free Little Libraries, but have you heard of (little) Free Blockbuster?

Smileys are dead, literally ☠️

Pandemic Social Media Habits Have Changed Real Estate Forever

Acronyms Destroy Culture and Alienate Customers

What are Kudos and why are we giving them to each other? 

In-person things are just... messy

We live in a society

The Busy Trap turns 9 years old

Ads are coming to VR

Why are all the kids yelling Sheesh?! 😳

Plane spotting with your phone's camera; Pride in social; and would you pay for Twitter?

It's easy to "see" smart glasses are coming; Digital fashion coming IRL; VR warps your sense of time

Reaction GIFs are no longer cool? A.I. has already taken over; Snapchat AR Glasses are here

Watch out LinkedIn, here comes TikTok

College grad advice for all ages and life stages

Celebrating 1 year of surprise weekend road trips and how to plan one of your own

Exploring the far future timeline and trying not to lose sleep

The Jetsons were more accurate than anyone predicted

2021 state of social, the right to forget, and #showeroranges cannot be real

Post-pandemic summer buzz, social audio everything, and broadband is the new electricity

YouTube Shorts, FPV Model Trains, and Capt Kirk Forever

SXSW 2021, #StopAsianHate, and the Most Epic Social Media Puzzle Job Ever

Should my brand make NFTs?

Deepfaking pics of your dead relatives? 😱

How do we make virtual presentations less boring?

Where'd all my friends go?

Social Media’s Audio-First Future

Revenge Bedtime Procrastination is the New Doomscrolling

Meme stocks are not Bernie mittens

Decentralized social is coming

CES highlights 10 years of social innovation in 10 months

Deplatforming the President