Sitemap - 2020 - Social Signals by GREG SWAN

Your Holiday Break Homework ⛄️

Digital Strategy + Contagious Creativity

Boredom is spreading COVID

December fourth be with you

Whamageddon season starts next week

SWAN: Fleets, Email, Dance Monkey

SWAN: Friday the 13th, 2020


$99 Movie Theater Rentals

SWAN: Locked in the core of the tower 🎶

SWAN: my 40th b-day

SWAN: my 40th b-day


6 months! We did this for 6 months

6 months! We did this for 6 months

6 months! We did this for 6 months

SWAN: Alexa, pay for gas ⛽️

That one time I got my sh*t together

Top 10 VR Apps of the Summer At-Home

The Mona Lisa Effect 👩🏻‍🎨

SWAN of the Week 🤠

You shoulda put a ring on it 💍

Is 2020 the year of organic Snapchat strategy?

You can't win if you don't play

I'm wearing my finest Zoom shirt

Team, we need a social post ASAP

Don't use these words

It's not political to be anti-racist

TikTok cults and lickable screens

The <1 hour surprise road trip 🚗

Nobody wanted to follow my tweeting car

Everyone alive today is being scored

It's Gonna Be May

Worst commencement speech ever

Let's all pretend to be ants  🐜


I wrote this week's newsletter in my pajamas 👖

15 tips for being on camera all day long 📸

Don't post anything if you have nothing to say 📲

What a year this week has been

Don't post coronavirus memes 🦠

Watch this 200+ person TikTok I recorded this am!

SWAN: Digital and Social Trends of the Week⚡

✅ Dare Word Meeting Games

🤔Embrace new thinkers; don't fight them!

🍺 Corona Beer Virus, Byte and Super Bowl TikToks

Killing Off Mascots Like It's My Job 🔥

🤖The wait is over! It's my CES recap, plus DIY Instagram 'What Character Are You?' Instructions 🤖

🎰 Live from Las Vegas 💸 it's the SWAN of the Week!

Y2K, Barbie Killed Ken, and LinkedIn Tips! It's the SWAN of the Week, No. 132