Wait, what did he say? Rewind it

January 2023

We've just moved far beyond the simplicity of replacing MySpace with Facebook. That's not how it works anymore.
I got a hug from a virtual person, and it was 73% as good as the real thing

December 2022

My annual tradition of assigning you some simple things to hit the ground RUNNING next year
This will only be novel for another month or so
Last Christmas I made it 8 days without hearing Last Christmas. Can you make it to 25?

November 2022

It's another wild week in social media marketing. Would we have it any other way?

October 2022

psstt... Twitter is worth respecting and thinking about – even if you forgot your password years ago.
Read to the end for a video of a live plant wielding a machete using an industrial arm

September 2022

Plus, the darkside of frictionless technology, making a digital twin of my office, and some hard truths about 2022
Future-proofed baby steps are my favorite

August 2022

Getting through some of that fad thinking and into a better look at the long-term impact of this technology on social media.